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Benefits of Eating Seaweed

Seaweed is one of the most nutrient-dense foods which can be cooked, fried, or baked using a variety of different preparations. Many people enjoy its taste in their meals and there are some other people who love its taste when it is dried or baked.

A dried or baked seaweed with a mixture of oil and spices makes a great snack which is sometimes known as seaweed flavored chips (also known as “ชิปสาหร่ายปรุงรส” in the Thai language). There are a number of reasons to start eating seaweed:-

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1) Studies have shown that seaweed is an excellent food for digestion. It slows down the digestive process which forces food to release its energy and nutrients more slowly. 

2) It gives your body more time to absorb all the nutrients from your meal.

3) Seaweed improves heart health, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, and other heart diseases.

4) Dried seaweeds contain sugar content, protein, vitamins, calcium and iron that strengthens our bones.

5) It has a very high iodine content that plays a primary role in helping regulate thyroid health.

6) Along with health benefits, It also promotes healthier hair growth. It helps to turn the existing hair into a much thicker and shinier hair.

7) The consumption of seaweed would help to enrich our bloodstream, plus to maintain the youthfulness of our mind and body.

Seaweed is delicious with good nutrients from the sea. Start using it as a part of your daily diet and nutrition to get their health benefits.