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Benefits to Non Surgical Nose Job

Thursday , 27, August 2020 Comments Off on Benefits to Non Surgical Nose Job

There are many benefits to a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty. It offers a minimally invasive way to produce excellent results in correcting the shape and contours of your nose. Non-surgical nose job uses injections such as BOTOX Cosmetic, or Radiesse into certain areas of the nose. This helps to hide humps and bumps in the shape of the nose for a smoother, more evenly shaped nose.

There are many benefits to the non-surgical nose job procedure. It is much faster because the treatment takes approximately 15 minutes, while the results are almost immediate. There is very little recovery time required for patients and it is normal for patients to return to work on the same day. It is a great comfort that anyone will appreciate.

Unlike rhinoplasty, this is not a surgical procedure and therefore offers many advantages because it curbs many of the common risks associated with plastic surgeries. There is no risk of long-term scarring or excessive bleeding that is common with surgical risks. Without the need for general anaesthesia, it also eliminates the risks associated with drug administration as well.

This is not an option for people who are looking to correct major nasal deformities or looking to reduce the size of their nose. Those people will still require the surgical procedure. But for those who simply want to make detailed adjustments the non surgical nose job is a great alternative to extensive surgery.