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Major Disadvantages For Outdoor Growers

Thursday , 10, September 2020 Leave a comment

Clones do not grow as strong as seed plants, especially outdoors, because the roots of the clones do not grow. They only grow secondary roots from the stem and then grow mostly sideways, not downwards.

The main advantage of the root is its ability to burrow deep into the soil and reach water that is no closer to the surface. The rhizomes grow laterally throughout their length and provide a network of roots that occupy a larger three-dimensional area for the plant.

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The result is that some layers of soil have more roots, so they receive more water and nutrients to aid plant growth. This will not affect plants grown indoors as the plants will not be that tall and roots are not very important in a container environment.

The roots of the plant that grow from the seed are extensions of the stem so that the plant is covered and the canopy is tightly secured.

Clone plants have a layer of lateral roots. The stem ends near the bottom line where it was cut. It doesn't offer as much support as single rooted plants.

Outdoors or indoors with older plants, one or two side roots can become dominant and develop into short roots that secure the plant and also produce side roots. Their connection to the stem is strengthened by a growth layer.

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