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Some Of The Best Cities in the World To Drive A Bike

Friday , 9, October 2020 Comments Off on Some Of The Best Cities in the World To Drive A Bike

Have you ever been to a city where the main mode of transportation is bicycles? Many people of all ages around the world use bicycles as their primary means of transportation because they are cheaper, greener, healthier and easier. If you are using a race bike this can be a faster option in most cases.

We've put together a list of cities around the world that have a high per capita cycling rate and which provide a great system for urban cyclists. These bike-friendly cities strive to keep their cyclists happy and safe. They use the best quality green markings on the pavement to provide better and safe lanes to cyclists. 

Green Bike Lanes

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Copenhagen, Denmark: – Copenhagen and its people are a group dedicated to cycling. With a culture in which a third of the population rides a bicycle, combined with local governments offering free rental and dedicated trails, Copenhagen is our top choice as a bicycle-friendly city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: – If the Dutch knew how to make one thing, it would be a bicycle. Amsterdam is known worldwide as the best cycling capital in the world. The city has a large population of bikers of all ages and professions who travel all the time. The city of Amsterdam also recommends using bicycles with rental bikes, bicycle lanes and bicycle traffic signs.

Basel, Switzerland: – Basel people love cycling and who can blame them! Given the landscape of fruit trees and vineyards, elegant shops and buildings and a healthy population, it's no surprise that about 25% of Basel's residents drive two-wheelers.