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Salt has always been used in India to treat a number of ailments. However, these ailments were initially treated using salt derived from fresh water. Nowadays, the salt is available as Himalayan salt. It is even available online. This type of salt is an excellent alternative to table salt because it contains zinc, potassium, chromium, […]

The Himalayans are a great source of knowledge. They consider themselves to be gifted in healing and understanding, but they also believe that their knowledge is meant to assist others. In order to live a balanced life, they believed that one needed to practice positive thinking, and to learn to relax. However, there was one […]

Himalayan Pink Salt – Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Saturday , 18, April 2020 Comments Off on Himalayan Pink Salt – Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is made from the mineral quartz. The minerals found in it are alkaline and can help improve blood circulation. A product with salt in it can do a lot to reduce swelling of the skin and to promote healthy hair growth. The salt crystals found in Himalayan salt not only has the ability […]

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