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The Pitfalls Of Estate Planning Law For The Blended Family

Tuesday , 8, September 2020 Leave a comment

Divorce and remarriage is now so common in our country that blended families have become the new norm. When two adults were married and one or both have children from previous relationships, complications will cause death without pain and bitterness when a spouse dies.

It is important that adults have the proper plan in place follow-estate planning legal guidelines. If you are married again and has not met a probate lawyer, now is the time to start.

Sudden Death Leads To Complications

While we all want to believe that the second pair will take care of our children from a previous marriage, this is often not the case when one died suddenly, especially if there is a former resentment or anger in the picture. You can browse mesa estate planning attorney for acquiring more knowledge about estate laws.

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If you die intestate partners, spouses can hold all the financial cards and can leave children from a previous marriage late in the cold. On the other hand, if one person died and willed old leaves everything in place for ex-wife and their children together, new wife or husband and her offspring could be ruined financially. 

Estate Lawyers Can Set Up Trust To Benefit Everyone

In many situations, trust is the best way to protect all parties in blended families, including a new partner, children from a previous relationship either spouse, and any newborn child after a new family forged. If a man died after being married again and have the proper credentials in place, his widow could live comfortably on the proceeds of trust which then would go to his children when he died.  

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