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What Is Lawn Aeration and What Does It Do?

Monday , 7, September 2020 Comments Off on What Is Lawn Aeration and What Does It Do?

Lawn aeration can be a technique that most people will utilize at any time or another to keep their yard looking healthy and fresh year after year. But at exactly the same time, there are also plenty of folks that continue to be left wondering what yard aeration is and what it actually does. 

This is especially true for people that are looking to a lawn maintenance service for the very first time. So what exactly is lawn aeration and exactly what does it perform? Here is just a quick overview of the full process and it may help your yard. 

What is Lawn Aeration?

There are numerous different common methods that are used to aerate your lawn, they do essentially the same thing. Fundamentally, parts of your dirt are removed in small pieces. When it can be done manually, probably the most frequent option is a mechanical aerator of just one kind or another. To know about the best lawn aeration services in Columbia Md, you can visit

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For example, a center aerator will have 1/2 inch cores of soil and leave them onto your lawn. Normally, these pockets have been a few inches, up to 6 inches apart. In its most basic terms, aeration can be really a means to provide your yard more air. It is often used in scenarios where the yard is compacted or heavily employed.

What Does Lawn Aeration Do?

The entire point of aerating your yard is to offer it more "room to breathe". This pore space can be used both to carry the atmosphere in addition to absorb water. If your lawn is compressed, then the roots of your grass aren't going to receive the essential oxygen and nutrition that it needs to raise and stay green. In the long run, this contributes to poor "top growth" and in the long term, your yard will perish.